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Review - Escaping Burnout: A Luxury Weekend at The Oberoi, Mauritius

In 2021 I found myself burning out and in need of a break. The flights were cheap and I had spare Avios, so I booked myself a flight to Mauritius. In all of the planning, I hadn't considered a recharge would come in the form of a luxury hotel until I accidently stumbled into the Oberoi Hotel in Mauritius. In this article, I summarise my experience of escaping burnout and recharging my battery with the Oberoi in Mauritius.

Escaping Burnout: A Luxury Weekend at The Oberoi, Mauritius

Hustle culture: the incessant drive to work round-the-clock in pursuit of professional goals. It promises success but often leads to burnout. As someone who's lived and breathed this lifestyle, I found myself drowning in its demands. The constant barrage of emails, calls, and social media updates became overwhelming. I realised I needed a break—a real break.

For context, I had started a business days before the pandemic, wasn't on furlough so had to find means to get food on the table, wrote a best selling book titled Unprepared to Entrepreneur and even landed myself a BBC radio show, The Everyday Hustle. The saying yes to these amazing opportunities within an 18 month span was exciting and exhausting at t

the same time.

Why a break?

Research indicates that hustle culture isn't sustainable. It's detrimental to mental and physical well-being. To counterbalance this, I advocate for a culture that embraces wellness—a lifestyle that prioritises health and happiness alongside professional success. This approach not only rejuvenates but also enhances productivity in the long run.

Choosing The Oberoi, Mauritius

When the opportunity arose to escape the hustle, I found The Oberoi, Mauritius—an oasis of luxury and tranquillity. Nestled amidst lush greenery and overlooking pristine waters, The Oberoi promised a sanctuary away from the pressures of London’s grey skies and relentless business environment. Prior to this experience, I had not heard of The Oberoi and had very limited experience with luxury hotels in general.

A Retreat Fit for Entrepreneurs

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a serene landscape—a sprawling garden with terracotta tiles leading to a private villa. I remember the drive down was captivating. The check-in experience was seamless, accompanied by a refreshing welcome wellness drink beside a cascading waterfall—an instant immersion into relaxation.

Luxurious Living

The villa itself was a haven. Featuring a private outdoor pool and dining area, it offered seclusion and comfort. Inside, a spacious bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a cosy seating area, and modern amenities awaited. The bathroom was a highlight, boasting a floor-to-ceiling glass window overlooking nature and a luxurious in-floor bathtub—a perfect indulgence after a day of exploration, with rose salt crystals and ayurvedic products for the taking. As this was my first time in staying in any room other than a standard double, I can only say that the Villa experience has shifted the way I travel since and raised the bar on high standards.

Culinary Delights

Dining at The Oberoi was a delicious journey. With three exquisite restaurants offering à la carte menus, each meal was a celebration of flavours and culinary expertise. From fresh seafood to locally sourced ingredients, every dish was a testament to the resort’s commitment to quality and satisfaction. I truly enjoyed the a la carte menu in the breakfast: paneer paratha, yogurt and mixed chai.

Activities and Wellness

I indulged in daily activities like a cooking class with the resident chef, learning to prepare local delicacies like butter chicken and being told the properties of paprika, a spice I use today. The resort’s expansive grounds encouraged exploration, with coastal paths and secluded spots perfect for reflection and rejuvenation. What I would add is that there was a limited beach or at least a sandy beach as I imagined, so if you're looking to build the sand castles, the Oberoi didn't have the space.

Unmatched Hospitality

What sets The Oberoi apart is its exceptional service. The staff, dedicated to ensuring a memorable stay, paid attention to every detail. From personalised touches like daily coconuts (a small gesture that made a big difference) to proactive assistance during flight delays, their hospitality exceeded expectations.

A Valuable Investment

While The Oberoi Mauritius represents a significant investment in luxury, it's one I would make again without hesitation. As entrepreneurs, investing in ourselves is as crucial as investing in our businesses. It’s about finding balance, treating oneself to life's finer things, and recharging to achieve sustainable success. During this stay, I read 5 books, took part in new activities, met good people, had time and wander the spa or gym whilst the privacy of the Villa to do nothing.

Little gestures I remember fondly to date

  • Our British Airways flight was cancelled on the way back and the staff at the Oberoi took away the stress by helping us to find accommodation in their resort, a gesture I remember fondly to this date.

  • The Oberoi had asked for our show size before hand, and the house slippers were adjusted to fit the size of my feet, which are generally smaller than the average slippers in hotels. This simple action is something I


My retreat at The Oberoi Mauritius was transformative. It offered a rare opportunity to disconnect from hustle culture, reconnect with myself, and return to London refreshed and revitalised. For anyone seeking respite from the demands of business and life, I recommend The Oberoi. It's not just a destination; it’s an investment in well-being and productivity—a sanctuary where luxury meets rejuvenation.

The Oberoi Mauritius experience was a gifted collaboration as they invited Sonya Barlow to visit and stay at the resort during her time in Mauritius. The thoughts and recommendations in this article are reflective of Sonya's experience. Stay: December 2021


Sonya Barlow is an award winning entrepreneur, author and presenter who writes about and vlogs her travels, business and lifestyle. She has over 100K followers and works with brands to diversify their luxury travel, lifestyle and business spaces.


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