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My first three months as a research intern at LMF network.

What I love about interning for Like-minded female is it takes into account what I want to do and what skills I want to further develop. When I first started as a research intern, I wanted to work on my research skills and communication skills, therefore, my role was to research PR companies, educational charities and think tanks and email these companies for collaboration. I called up some of the PR companies and communicated with them on what the LMF network is and how we would like to collaborate. I joined the LMF mentoring programme and I started to have a 1-1 monthly meeting with my mentor Susan McMillan, effectively communicating what I wanted to gain from the mentorship programme.

I then wanted to focus on my experience of being dyslexic, as a result, me and Sonya decided that I should write blogs on being dyslexic, job search, representation of hijabi women in PR. I tweeted out about advice that people who are dyslexic give to a younger self, I also got to interview Natalie Furness, on her experience as an entrepreneur with dyslexia. I used Canva to create content that was based on the blogs, this was a very cool experience, as it was something I had never done. The content is posted on the LMF Instagram account. I feel very proud of the work I did with LMF.

Through doing my work experience with LMF Network, I have become confident in what I do, my fear of how I will adapt and do the work in my work has gone away. I am no longer afraid to ask for help when I need it, I have only become like this is because of Sonya and how she tells me it okay to make mistakes, and how it is a learning process, she asks me to take time off and to be proud of my work.

Why you should volunteer with LMF Network CiC:

  • A chance to develop your skills and experience at a professional level and become confident.

  • A chance to make a change in society, play a part in empowering womxn and ethnic minorities.

  • Provides you with the opportunity to network with people, a chance to collaborate and learn from other people.

  • Access to an amazing mentoring programme, on the programme, the mentors are amazing, the mentors are there to help you with the job search and cv building. Through the mentoring programme, you have access to events on personal brandings.

Sana Khan, Research intern, 2019


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