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LMF Network is a leading strategic ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and inclusion consultancy and social networking platform. We empower individuals to build confidence and advance their careers, while redefining workplace inclusion through collaboration with businesses on people policies and processes. Founded in 2020, LMF Network has upskilled over 20,000 people, collaborated with 100 brand partners across 24 countries, and launched the UK's largest mentoring programme, achieving a 95% recommendation score.

What does the data say?


Understand how diversity and inclusion strategy impacts their day to day.


Of Women require a mentor in the workplace versus men.


Share the lack of communtiy and networks limits career progression.


Of diverse folks are more likely to trust a partner of LMF Network.


Of people will stay at a company longer if it invested in development

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Work with LMF Network

Redefining the future of work.



We support workplaces in enhancing their people, processes, and profit with bespoke programmes. Our services include diversity frameworks, action plans, audits, consultancy, training, and mentorship to ensure your organisation thrives. Contact us today to learn how we can help you succeed.



We support individual training and development through skills-based learning, people-first masterclasses, mentorship, and global community networks. Our comprehensive approach ensures personal and professional growth. Contact us today to achieve your development goals.



We educate students on professional and career success through lecturing, skills-based workshops, work experience, and group mentorship. Our comprehensive approach prepares them for the workplace. Contact us today to help students achieve their career goals.



We help brands reach new audiences and diversify their marketing efforts to increase the representation of diverse genders, social mobility, and ethnic backgrounds. Enhance your brand's impact today by contacting us to learn how we can help you achieve greater diversity and inclusion.


Resources to get you started

Business, Inclusion & Career research by LMF Network.

Thought leadership on business, careers, travel and inclusion.

Case studies and testimonials from International Clients.

LMF Network Partners 

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